Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 87 - 9/12/10

If I were able to stack up today's events in order of priority, the picture above is my attempt. It has been a study, study, eat, study, and finally blog kind of day. Actually, I will probably study some more after this. This week I have my first round of exams. Organic Chemistry is rearing it's big ugly rear at me waiting for Wednesday. I have a Biology lab quiz tomorrow. Genetics Quiz on Wednesday too? Welcome to college I guess. I don't know what college Asher Roth is talking about but this is not it. I wonder if he even went to college and not just to frat parties? This is proof to you people in the blogosphere that I actually study. Some days aren't interesting. Some are mundane and labor-intensive. I try to stay positive though. One day I'll get out of the weeds or maybe I'll just get a weed eater.



  1. I think that Asher Roth never went to an actual class while he was in "college". I have faith in your ability to pass all of you exams.

  2. haha i agree. he probably went to one of shitty college like in this link

    thanks for the encouragement. and thanks for reading!