Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 367 - June 18th 2011 :)

One year ago I started a blog. A blog that would comprise of me writing EVERYDAY for a year. A blog that would be the most consistent attempt at following through with a task that I have ever done in my life. A blog that make me become courageous yet vulnerable. I started this whole idea but I turned 19 and I was little angry at the condition of my life. I got out of a very emotionally draining break up and I just needed to find myself. I needed to reanalyze who I was and I wanted to do something special with the last year of my teenage years.

I can honestly tell you that this whole project has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. In no way was my intention for this blog to be a vessel for my own self-gratification. The more I shared with you guys, the more I felt I shared with myself. It was like meeting a whole new side of me that I have yet to tap.

I know that although this is the end of this project, this is the beginning of another, probably the most important project, my adult life. I love blogging. I don't think I could live without it. I have started my music blog ( so you can find me there. However, I think I rest my mind for once knowing that I'm not confined to a time limit. In a way, I earned my freedom to blog.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a quote. This blog has been very sentimental to me and my "journey" of life. And it is very fitting that I found this quote because it talks exactly of the journey, otherwise known as the "Physics of the Quest."

"In the end, I've come to believe in something I call "The Physics of the Quest." A force in nature governed by laws as real as the laws of gravity. The rule of Quest Physics goes something like this: If you're brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter, old resentments, and set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you" -Liz Gilbert, Eat. Pray. Love.

I know that this only the beginning but probably the most influential steps I ever took on my quest. Thanks for being a part of it.

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