Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 171 12/5/10

Diego!!! This is Dana's cat. He is the best study buddy ever. Shh, don't tell Dana I said that... =) Today was day two of study-a-thon. I finally finshed all my organic chemistry summaries and I think I'm ready for my anthropology final. I have a 102.5 so I think I have a lot of cushion.

Apparently, facebook changed its layout AGAIN. Here's a bonus picture.

Surprisingly, I like it. Everything seems so streamlined. There is a new photo banner with the last 5 photos you have been tagged in. But I can see the potential of other uses. Imagine like a 5 photo message or a mosaic...hmm. I think I'm going to get creative pretty soon. Let me tinker with this for a couple days and I'll give you a review.


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  1. OOH KITTY!!! and good job studying, you are a lot better student than I am. and dear Lord, this better be a good and successful FB upgrade, im interested to see how it is when mine changes. Good luck on exams!! im pretty sure we'll all (even you and your good study habit self) need it.