Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 170 - 12/4/10

Hmm study food. Easy Mac is one of life's great inventions. Today is going to be one of those "random list of topics" kind of days. I have spent the day at my friend Dana's apartment studying and watch football. As I have sat on this couch and studied and observed some college football, there are a couple things I want to talk about...

1) The SEC Championship: Auburn 56, South Carolina 17 aka the most LOPSIDED conference championship game ever. I acknowledge that Auburn's Cam Newton is the man. Six touchdowns is above and beyond anyone's expectations and I hope all these allegations fade away soon because he deserves the Heisman Trophy and any situation deviating away from what is meant to be is a travesty. However, this is the SEC. THE GREATEST CONFERENCE in College Football. How can we accept a mid-seasonish type blowout? Did South Carolina even want to win? The fact of the matter an LSU fan, I am appalled by the lackluster competitive spirit SC played with. Obviously Auburn is having a magnificent season, but this game solely proves that the strength of the SEC belongs to the western division. The SEC West has 5 Top 25 teams. The SEC East has one...and it's NOT Florida. The SEC is the most powerful conference but I feel that the conference needs realignment. Florida and South Carolina are always in a 2-team race for a SEC Championship berth while every single year the SEC West is a 4 team dogfight (LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas). I suggest the SEC move Alabama to the East. When was Bama considered west anyways? Imagine the potential. There would be a balance of power.

2) I have spent about 10 hours studying. It is be worth it by the end of finals. I have been working on a collection of one-paper summaries for each of my organic chapters. I am going to be honest. This class is hard. Nobody likes it. I want to make an A but I am at the border between an A and B. I feel that I have learned a lot but I have had to learn it all by myself. I'm going to keep working on it. I have organic 2 and honestly I'm excited just because I can start fresh again. This semester has bogged me down. It has probably been the hardest I ever had.

3) So I have received some comments on my posts lately. I'm flattered and humbled as always. I would like to tell the anonymous comment leaver thank you! Continue to leave me some input. To all of those who drop by, I would love to have some feedback. What blogs do you like? Share a cool link with me...ok, share an APPROPRIATE link with me. I don't need any viruses or porn sites. Tell a little about yourself. We must have some similarities for you to take some time to write to me. Share my site with your friends. I want to make my presence known in the blogosphere. Did you know there is a term for the expanision of your digital identity? It is called the MegaPhone effect. The premise of the MegaPhone effect is that through the use of social networking (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs, etc.) you can share your talents or skills to an audience of millions within 3 clicks on the mouse. Your friends friends friends could potential see your music ability, art, poetry, etc. Employers are using facebook to see what kind of person you are. The world is so much smaller now. We should take advantage of it and share our talents.



  1. ahh easy mac, the food of the gods.....wait thats wrong, i dont think Zeus would lay a hand on that since hes got his nectar and all his heavenly hoes cus hes a PIMP. (that was not meant to get so off topic, but i love easymac ). but yea it makes sense that employers look at facebook and such to take into consideration, and I have no incriminating things on my page but still i dont like the whole 1984/"Big Brother"-esque feel of how all that is going. That being said I do like a lot of aspects and advantages of making the world a smaller place.

  2. I feel that in the end we control what we post about ourselves. If you have something you don't think you would want to share about yourself, then don't. All I know is what you tell me. The whole evolution of the megaphone effect has just started to fascinate me. I learned about when I watched a talk by one of the co-contributors of facebook. It's all super interesting.

    P.S. Easy Mac is pretty amazing. Definitely food of the Gods

  3. I agree, and people that freak out about it are just dumb and need to think before they put something out for the public eye, but it still makes me a bit uncomfortable.