Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 168 - 12/2/10

This is your daily breakfast pastry advertisement. Seriously, I need some sugar source while I'm studying. Think about the Coffee Call blog I wrote earlier this week. Today was my last busy day of school. The 8 straight hours of class with no breaks (or lunch) are over! Woohoo! It is bittersweet. I mean there were class I did not like. Econ is one of them but there were others that really captivated my interests. Genetics did that to me. Punnett Squares, mutations, DNA profiling. It's all so interesting to me. My teacher was pretty much a badass too. If I didn't want to pursue medicine, I would probably explore genetics. The progress that has been made in genetics is incredible. The human genome can be expressed within 4 hours. There is a website ( that even maps your genes for you. For $500, your DNA sequence can be mapped and you can determine the probability of inheriting a disease. That is a scary thought to me. However, that is just the future. Soon enough, insurance companies many charge you a fee based solely on your genetic profile. That brings up a whole new issue of equality and ethics that we may not be ready for. I just think it's interesting that stuff like that is possible.


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  1. thats pretty nifty! but also a little creepy...that insurance thing would be a bitch too