Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 51 - 8/7/10

Gosh, today has been ridiculous. Honestly, there were so many picture opportunities that I took that I had a hard time picking a main photo to showcase. In light of that thought, I decided to attempt to create a picture post of my day (the links will play an IMPORTANT role in this post). Today, as the case for the last couple days, started off bright and early, especially early. It was the day of my little brother's bowling birthday party. So, I was off driving around running errands and getting ready. This photo came from the bowling alley which honestly was the most calm part of my day. Also that morning, my dad and I were getting ready to purchase my new car. We visited the car lot and after an hour of conversation with the salesman which I can only relate to this. Yes, it was plenty of awkward silence, conflict, then more awkward silence, and finally we left slightly irritated. Lunchtime finally came along, and I drove my dad back to the car lot to officially buy the car. He would end up driving it to the bowling alley. Now, I was on my way to pick up my brother's cookie cake in the Eep. Now get this. There I was patiently waiting at a stop sign near the mall and....WHAM! I'm rear ended by some random woman in a souped up Chevy Tahoe. Chevy isn't kidding when they say "like a rock," her car was completely unscathed and left the Eep with a pretty nice dent in its rear. In the end, it was her fault and now her insurance will paying for the Eep's new butt job :). You think I'd be more upset about it...but remember who just got a new car? I am officially the proud owner of a 2009 Nissan Sentra, slightly used 40,000 miles and definitely a good investment. I guess that I had to undergo some sort of right of passage and take part in my first accident with the Eep before I could move on. As of now, I am at my house. My parents have thrown an afterparty for the adults, and I'm attempted to upload my iPod with my latest mix of music...OH HOLD UP! Is this for real?!? My iPod is filled up...this might be one of saddest moments ever. I'm forced to having to delete music, this is gonna suck.. I think of the days I thought that an 8GB iPod mini was the epitome of memory storage. 8GB was supposed to be the Mariana's Trench of music storage, and now all of a sudden, it has been filled it up like a cheap water balloon. I guess that a new iPod is in my future. Ok, that's pretty much the jest of my day. I'm going to compile it into a list of 4 morals.

1. Car salemen are a ruthless and persistent bunch. Think of any sly crafty pirate and then think about the slier craftier pirate who sold him this boat. In the end, the only and most important power the customer has is the ability to walk away.

2.Tax free sales weekends are a brilliant yet dangerous idea. I love the idea of not paying 9% sales tax for all things under a total of $2500, but it's too much when you get rear ended at a STOP SIGN. Red = Stop, Octagons are the shape of stoppage. For the love of everything good and holy, pay attention at stop signs, they are there for a reason, and it's not to wait in the blazing sun for the police officer to write the accident report.

3.Change is inevitable and we all must move on to new and better things. There is nothing wrong with embracing your past, but when you past rattles when the gears shift or notifies you that you have run out of storage space, I think it's a good time to look for improvement.

4.This whole blog post is the result pure insanity and too much coincidence today. I like to think my days aren't always like this otherwise I'll be writing novels instead of blog posts. I thank you for keeping up with me for this long (and if you haven't...well I don't blame you). I'm done writing now...I promise. Like for real. Until tomorrow. Ok, I really need to stop typing.. I'm going to eat now.


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  1. At least you didn't get hurt when that lady hit you D: And what type of iPod do you have? If you have video, that could be taking up space...I love the imagery in your blogs :)