Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 15 - 7/2/10

So tonight is very loud and fun. My friend Chelsea and I went downtown to watch Cowboy Mouth as a part of Alexandria's 4th of July celebration weekend. I must say this show definitely surprised me in a good way. Cowboy Mouth is a New Orleans based rock band and they would be the first to tell you about that. They are very proud of their Louisiana home and I can definitely respect that. I like to think of Cowboy Mouth as Hootie and the Blowfish speeding at 100 mph and funkier. They are very upbeat and energetic. But I guess what really stuck out to me most is their fan base. I've been to plenty of rock concerts in my short lifetime but never before have I seen the crowd that came. A majority of the people were in the 30+ age group and still jammin out to the band as if they were 5-year olds on a sugar high. It is just something really special to see people enjoying the music they grew up listening. Cowboy Mouth is the music of their generation and as an outside observer of that I am appreciative of that because I can see how they have played a part in paving the way that music is made today. My favorite moment of the night was when the lead guitarist was shreddin' his solo, someone let their baby sit on the edge of the stage and the baby was in awe as he watched. As soon as the solo was over, the guitarist licked his guitar pick and stuck it on the baby's forehead. I wish I had taken a picture; it was absolutely priceless. Overall, it was a good night. And there is plenty going this weekend so I'm pretty excited.


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