Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 351 - 6/2/11

Wow, it has been long day. I remember going to bed downstairs because it is sauna hot upstairs in our house and then I woke up in my bed. I'm so strange. At work, I observed some more waiting which was ok. There was a party of 8 people who were deaf so it was really interesting trying to take their orders. Tonight was really busy. There was a party of 90 in the back room and I helped wait a party of 14 and 12. Here's a tip for all those teenage restaurant goers. TIP YOUR WAITER. Seriously, that's not cool guys. To wait a table of 14 and only receive a 6 dollar tip sucks. Now that I'm off my soap box, let's continue. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow because I will get to actually wait a table!

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