Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 167 - 12/1/10

I'm studying! LEAVE ME ALONE! hehe


  1. dang you didnt even write about the facebook creeper disappointed lol

  2. well that happened AFTER I posted this blog...

    but so everyone knows...

    Dec 1 - 3 is National Be a Creeper Day. or Days? Anyways, in honor of the holiday, I decided to go around on facebook and look at my friends stuff. Photos, comments, events, etc. And I liked each and every one of them. OBNOXIOUSLY. My poor friend Lindsey probably had at least 100 notifications of me liking everything. It was hilarious.

    But just know, my friends got their revenge. Lets say that all the traffic I got from all my "creepers" made my netbook freeze. Not cool guys. Not cool.

    So lesson learned. Creeping is fun.