Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 154 - 11/18/10

I deeply apologize for the tardiness of this post. I'm in an unusually position posting this because the reason I'm late to post is that I just returned back to my dorm the Harry Potter premiere. It was pretty phenomenal. But I'm going to hold off on my critique of it till the next post because I am far too tired.

However, I do have something I want to expand upon...

Before the movie, I was invited to my friend Mary's birthday dinner. I have recently become friends with her and she is pretty awesome. She's a bit of a mixed-bag; you really don't know what to expect out of her. She discovered this blog the other day and immediately asked me, "Why am I not in your blogg?!?!?!?" I told her that we have yet to have a blog-worthy moment yet, but this can be considered the first. Mary is completely in love with sweater vests and the like. I have no clue why but who is to judge. As a result, my friends (Austin and John) and I decided to fulfill her simple wish of wearing that style. Funny story...those sweater vests were actually the sweater vests Mary picked out for them at the mall this past weekend. I don't happen to own a sweater vest, mainly because I have no money, but hopefully one day soon I can add one to my closet. They work well with anything.

Happy post-Birthday Mary! I hope it was great.

My Harry Potter review along with themed picture will be posted in the next blog post...promise. I must sleep now though.


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